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Lake View Plantation Revaluation Project 2023 - 2024

In Summer/Fall 2023 we will begin the Discovery Process of our Revaluation project in Lake View Plantation. 

This process involves our Property Appraisers visiting each and every map and lot. Our employees will measure, and collect data on all dwellings and outbuildings on the premise. We will also take a photo of the main building from the exterior for our tax records.  If someone is available we will ask to do in interior inspection. If no one is home, we will leave our contact information, measure and do an exterior estimate.

Once we finalize our project in early Summer 2024 we will send a copy of our work to every owner in Lake View Plantation.  We request all owners to review our work and reach out to us with any corrections needed, question, or concerns. We ask that you respond to our 706-A Request for a True and Perfect List. Anyone who ignores this request may void their opportunity for appeal.

The best and most accurate way to get your property assessed correctly is an Interior Inspection. The more data we are able to gather on each property the more fair and equitable the assessments are throughout the town. If you would like to set up a time for an Interior Inspection please call (207) 943-5538

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