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Providing Comprehensive Municipal Services

Maine Assessment & Appraisal Services Inc. was founded in 2003 by Garnett Robinson.
Maine Assessment and Appraisal services Inc. is known for providing a comprehensive array of municipal assessing services including fulfilling the role of Assessor/Assesor’s agents for municipalities, tax map drafting/updates, municipal equalizations and complex real and personal property appraisals Ad Valorem Taxation purposes and expert witness representation before appellate boards and courts.

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Our Projects

Maine Assessment and Appraisal Services Inc.

Municipal Assessor and Assessors' Agent Contracts

Town of Benton - Assessors' Agent

Town of Bowerbank - Assessors' Agent

Town of Caratunk - Assessors' Agent

Town of Clinton - Assessors' Agent

Town of Cushing - Assessors' Agent

Town of Detroit - Assessors' Agent

Town of Dixmont - Assessors' Agent

Town of Easton - Assessors' Agent 

Town of Etna - Assessors' Agent

Town of Fort Fairfield - Assessors' Agent

Town of Garland - Assessors' Agent

Town of Glenburn - Assessor

Lake View Plantation - Assessor's Agent

Town of Liberty - Assessors' Agent
Town of Milo - Assessors' Agent

Monhegan Plantation - Assessors' Agent

Town of Palmyra - Assessors' Agent

Town of Plymouth - Assessors' Agent

Town of Swanville - Assessors' Agent

Town of Thorndike - Assessors' Agent

Town of Wade - Assessors' Agent

Town of Washburn - Assessors' Agent

Town of Wellington - Assessors' Agent

Town of West Forks - Assessors' Agent

Completed Revaluations

Town of Appleton

Town of Benton

Town of Bowerbank

Town of Caratunk

Town of Clinton

Town of Crystal - In Progress

Town of Cushing (2012 & 2024) - In Progress

Town of Detroit

Town of Dixmont

Town of Easton

Town of Etna

Town of Fort Fairfield

Town of Glenburn

Town of Harpswell

Town of Howland

Lake View Plantation - In Progress

Town of Machiasport

Monhegan Plantation

Town of Orrington

Town of Palmyra

Town of Plymouth

Town of St. Francis

Town of Stockton Springs

Town of Swanville

Town of Thorndike

Town of Wade

West Forks Plantation x2 - In Progress

Town of Woodland 

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Discover Our Expertise

Archaeological Map

Real Property Listing/Review

Our listers/appraisers are experts at listing, photographing and reviewing real and personal property according to industry standards

Math and Geometry Tools


Providing comprehensive tax map updating/drafting services


Assessing Services

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your town's assessing function to the next level. At Maine Assessment & Appraisal Services Inc., we combine our insights and skills in ad valorem taxation and tax mapping to provide your town with the best service in the industry leading to equity amongst taxpayers as required by law. We’re proud to help shape and improve our clients image amongst taxpayers and the public with our professional, fair and evenhanded approach to handling the assessing function.

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Assessor Responsibilities

• Find and list all taxable and non-taxable property.

• Determine the valuation of all taxable and non-taxable property (real estate and business personal property)

• Determine the exemption eligibility of qualifying properties.

• Prepare the Commitment Book showing valuation of all land, buildings, business personal property, tax due on each account, veterans and exempt properties

• Commit taxes to the Tax Collector for collection

• Establish an acceptable level of assessment performance quality as prescribed by statute

• Conduct annual sales ratio studies

• Provide the Bureau of Taxation with complete Sales Analysis Return annually

• Review abatement requests and defend decisions before County Commissioners

• Provide the Bureau of Taxation with Municipal Valuation

• Physically inspect and inventory each real estate parcel and personal property account every four years

• Maintain current records regarding ownership and extent of taxation and maintenance of property tax maps

• Administer the homestead exemption

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P.O BOX 82 Dixmont, ME 04932



(207) 234-2822

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